Fureva Group

Our work does not end when the funeral service ends, our vocation leads us to help and advise those who still need us.

Fureva Group


FUREVA, S.L. is a limited company incorporated in the year 1989, born from the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs in the funeral sector, whose scope of action is local and which is directed to a broad spectrum of the market (Insurance Companies, Insurance Companies, Assistance, clients in general, etc.). They offering a global service in a wide geographic space, but with the advantage that provides the deep knowledge of all the funerary peculiarities and customs that exist in those places where we offer our services.

All the partners that make up FUREVA, S.L. They are funeral companies of recognized prestige and leaders in their area of ​​action. Therefore we have a broad structure and highly qualified personnel. We could highlight, in terms of our infrastructure, the availability of six funeral homes, one of them recently opened, linked to the group and a fleet of modern vehicles large enough to carry out the large number of funeral services that our companies provide.

Fureva in “Gremio Provincial de empresarios de
Pompas Fúnebres de Valencia”

Since its constitution Fureva belongs to the “Gremio Provincial de empresarios de Pompas Fúnebres de Valencia”, forming part of its board of directors, and currently holding the positions of Treasury and General Secretariat.


Undoubtedly one of the points where we feel most proud, is the high degree of professionalism and preparation that our staff has. In this regard we could mention that our employees periodically carry out training courses that allow them to be highly prepared in areas such as:

  • Sociological Techniques
  • Attention to mourning
  • Tanatoesthetics
  • Tanatopraxia
  • Rights that are born of death
  • Customer service and attention
  • Business management

These training courses are taught by the “Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Valencia” </ em>, “Time for training” </ em> and “Atlántida formación” < / em>, and according to the contracts of state programs of the European Social Fund and The Tripartite Foundation for on-the-job training.

“Continuously by his side
with the most familiar service.”