Funeral Services

We offer a wide variety of funeral services effectively and efficiently.


A single interlocutor will manage all your paperwork.

With just one call following a death, our team will advise you and inform you of all the processes to be carried out until the final destination of the deceased.

At all times our solicitor will be at your disposal, a person “with name and surname”.

Incineration Services

Our efforts in the San Jaime Park Garden Cemetery make us the first funeral company with a crematorium and a private cemetery. In the strictest privacy, with the ceremony indicated by the family (confessional or lay). We perform incineration 24 hours a day.

We have the appropriate place for your ashes “Rosaleda del recuerdo”, “Jardín de los Aromas”, “Monte de la Reminiscencia”, “Guarda y Custodia”, “Columbarios” … A whole range of possibilities so that, in the future, you can remember and walk in the most absolute tranquility and privacy.

Funeral Management Services

Our service is completely comprehensive: Provision and advice, document processing, national and international transfers, wake rooms, cold rooms, tanatopraxia room and preparation of corpses, exhibition of coffers, tombstones, florist service, chapel multiconfesional, cafeteria, parking …

Post-Service Processing

Our work does not end when the funeral service ends, we continue to help and advise families.

We process “Death certificates”, “last wills”, “Death coverage insurance” and we manage the social security leave and the widow’s pension. We have a psychological office to overcome grief.

National and International transfer Services

We provide coverage throughout the national territory; we make repatriations to any country, we take care of the documentation, we prepare the deceased for his transfer and, if necessary, we contact the destination funeral home. If they do not request it, we will arrange their accompanying passages.

Florist Services

Fureva entrusts her orders to the florist Amanda Flores and Plantas Naturales S.L., a firm of recognized prestige and professionalism, which has sixty years of experience.

The Spanish Royal Family stands out among its clients, who have traditionally relied on their professionalism. In recent years they have had the opportunity to decorate the baptisms of the grandchildren of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía.


For the manufacture of tombstones, the Fureva group has the collaboration of expert marble workers:

  • Mármoles Artísticos Magraner – Aldaia
  • Lápidas La Virgen – Alaquàs
  • Lápidas Gimeno – Ribarroja (Valencia)
  • Mármoles Germán – Valencia · Catadau · Buñol · Requena

Attention car for relatives

We have new acquisition cars available to relatives.

Ceremonies for different religions

Whatever the religion followed by the deceased and the family, in Fureva we will seek the appropriate ceremony.

“Hacer mucho más humano
y cercano
el hecho de despedir
a un ser amado.”